About us

Basic protocol (hereinafter referred to as BPT) is to establish a simple and efficient decentralized financial service platform, which provides users with one-stop services including physical assets on the chain, digital asset custody, asset lending, financial investment, guaranteed mining, digital asset insurance business and chain trading, and creates a new Dao + defi decentralized financial application platform. The ultimate vision of BPT ecology is to create a new generation of decentralized inclusive financial platform, providing an infrastructure for financial applications based on digital token and digital assets. By creating an autonomous, secure and compliant blockchain digital asset financial service platform, institutional investors and individual investors can safely trade financial products of any size and frequency without worrying about the fairness and security of the trading platform, the privacy of user data, the transparency of platform rules, and the stability and reliability of the trading system.

BPT function

Allocation scheme

Total issue: 100 million

Circulation: 10 million

Market value circulation - 10%

Foundations - 10%

Technical team - 5%

Liquidity mining - 75%

Road map

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  • December 2019

    project was started and the team was established

  • April 2020

    Complete loan standardization agreement, beta version open inside

  • August 2020

    BTC and eth exit instant encryption to support us dollar loans

  • October 2020

    Realize KYC / AML automation, open API, and settle in financial operators

  • Q4 in 2021

    Stable bond currency online, decentralized exchange online

  • 2022

    Expand to erc-20token, build lending financial service network